Theory Test, Modules, & Costs

Once you have got your provisional Category D licence you can move onto actual taking your tests and upon completion you will be able to start your new job as a minibus/coach driver. To get your PSV licence there are 4 modules you need to pass and these encompass both theory and practical:

Module 1 – Theory Test

THE PSV/PCV theory test comprises of two parts:

  • PSV Theory TestMultiple Choice Test (£35) – You will be asked 100 questions in115 minutes covering a wide range of topics from the Highway Code to vehicle weights and dimensions. You will need to do some revision for this and we recommend you buy The Official DSA Theory Test for Drivers of Large Vehicles 2012 book to help you pass first time. The test is taken at a computer and you simply have to click the correct answer. The pass mark for the multiple choice part of the theory test is 85 out of 100. The image to the right gives you an example of what you can expect (click to enlarge).
  • Hazard Perception Test (£15) – This comprises of 19 interactive video clips which feature every day road scenes. In each clip taken from a drivers point of view there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards. Before this part of the test you will be given a short tutorial on how to complete the test and then you will have 28 minutes to complete your assessment of the clips. There will be 20 hazards in total with a maximum score of 5 per hazard. The earlier you spot the hazards the more points you will get. The pass mark for the hazard perception part of the theory test is 67 out of 100.

To get a better idea of what to expect on the day you can watch this official DSA video:

To book a Driver CPC Module 1 PCV theory test you will need your driving licence number and credit or debit card. Theory tests can be booked at and you will need to have your driving licence number and a debit/credit card

Module 2 – Case Study Test

If you want to become a professional driver you will also have to pass a Driver CPC Module 2 Case Study Test (£30.00). This module is computer based and you will face seven case study tests on real life situations which you may encounter in your working life as a professional driver, each with between six and eight questions to test your knowledge and understanding by examining how you put your skills into practice.

The test, including the introductory screens, will last for 1 hour 30 minutes and you can see what else is involved by viewing the video below:

Please go to our  ‘Essential Reading‘ page to see what books are available to help you through this module.

The Driver CPC Module 2 PSV/PCV Case Study Test can be booked at

Module 3 – Practical Driver Training & Test

Prior to taking this module it’s worth having a practical driving assessment to see how much training you will need, but as a guide most drivers will require 5 days PSV/PCV/Cat D Training in order to reach the required standard for the practical test. This assessment can be carried out at your chosen training provider.

Training will usually take place between 8am and 4pm at most training providers and the practical test is generally taken on the final day of training. Your training will be both on-site and also off-site covering vehicle safety, procedures, driving on dual carriageways and motorways, reversing, braking, amongst other things. The video below made by the DSA will give you an idea of what to expect.

Module 4 – Practical Demonstration Test

The final module is the practical demonstration test(£55) which is for new professional drivers who need to obtain their Driver Certificate of Professional Competence and focuses on safety and security to ensure you have the knowledge a professional driver will need:

  • Prepare for duty in a safe manner including safe and secure loading, and assess emergencies and risks.
  • Ensure your vehicle is fit for service.
  • Inspect and use equipment in conjunction with the Disability Discrimination Act.
  • Check that your vehicle is secure from criminal acts and trafficking.

You can book this final module at and the video below will show you what to expect when you take this module.

Once you have successfully completed Driver CPC Modules 1, 2, 3 and 4 you will be able to drive professionally and will be sent a Driver Qualification Card.